In its work PFZ aims to support its clients in achieving greater efficiency in their operations at most competitive costs.
We have high quality office and warehouse space, both of which can be easily adapted to the needs of each particular company.

PFZ has established a wide range of services to those companies using the Zone as headquarters for their business activities:

  • Manufacturing, trading, warehousing;
  • Assembly, disassembly;
  • Packing, repackaging, labeling;
  • Secretarial services and facilities;
  • Modern telecommunication equipment;
  • Inventory control;
  • Conference rooms and offices that can be used by our clients;
  • On site customs checking and clearing;
  • A range of loading, discharging, stacking and other services;
  • Banking services;
  • Giving other services required by companies;
  • General cleaning services;
  • Maintenance and repair of infrastructure;
  • Parking;
  • Cafeteria, etc.