Plovdiv Free Zone is a designated area that is legally outside the customs territory of the country but inside its geographical limits. It is a determined area with general warehouse facilities and industrial spaces with easy access to all modes of transportation.
The trade between the Zone and other parts of the country is subject to the Bulgarian Foreign Trade Regime. The Foreign Trade Regime, however, does not apply to trade within the Zone, between other free zones and /or foreign countries.
All goods brought from other parts of Bulgaria inside the Zone are considered export from the country.
All goods shipped out of the Zone to any part of Bulgaria are considered imported goods.
All kinds of goods, except those prohibited by the Legislation, are permitted to be brought into the Zone.
To facilitate the transactions of the goods coming in and out by railway the Zone provides uncovered storage located in the railway station.
All payments related to activities in the Free Zone are made in foreign currency.
Inside the Zone, Bulgarian labor legislation is applied.
Entering the Zone is possible only by receiving an “Entry permit” from the Zone’s administration.